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    It's All About Imagination.[anime story]

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    It's All About Imagination.[anime story] Empty It's All About Imagination.[anime story]

    Post  Sasaki Marasaki on Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:28 am

    [ayte every day one chapter will be coming up Wink]
    Let's Begin.

    Date: 64 N.E. [Ninja Era]
    Location: Borders of the Leaf And Sand .

    "The battlefield was a mess. We had ninjas from Akatsuki approaching us from everywhere. We were running out of supplies and weapons, and the chances for our victory were almost none. O ur forces were a total debacle. I saw some people of our army already getting tormented or slaughtered by the Akatsuki forces. We had to retreat. There was no other way. "

    Chapter "I" [The Treaty.]

    A usual day has started for Sasaki, an S ranked Jonin who is known to be one the most powerful ninja around. His morning was hard to wake up on, he never managed to wake up easily during his whole lifetime, and he'll never be able to do that in the future, most probably.
    "Egh, mornings suck," complained he. He detested sleeping, but once he fell into a slumber, he couldn't wake up, but, he remembered that today was a real busy, scheduled and important day. It was the day that the Leaf and Sand Villages would sign an annual treaty pact, where the Kages of both Villages would show up. In this case, we would have Ashuri Kisate, the Kage of the Leaf Village, and Nephilim, aka Gaara, the Kage of the Sand Village.
    I had received a message earlier on, stating that Gaara had already been on his way to the village, and that I would have to go and meet him, as I was the only capable person to defend myself in whatever happened. It seemed too boring to go alone, so I decided that I should take someone with me to tag along with, so I got two willing people, Shikyo and Enko, my long time partners with which we had ruled the Dragon Village. Sadly, that all ended after the 3 year long mission I was sent to.
    So after 2 days, we were sent to come meet Gaara and escort him to the village."

    [i shall continue this later on or probably tomorrow as i have to study loads Razz]

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