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    Rules for the rp

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    Rules for the rp Empty Rules for the rp

    Post  Vermilion Foxninja on Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:48 am

    The very few rules you need to follow for this section!

    1.) Do not post explicit material in this section. This is only along the lines of cybering. You can describe as much blood and gore during a fight as you wish, and you can cuss to high heaven, but cybering or anything along the lines of cybering will not be tolerated.

    2.) Don't God-Mode. Its irritating and leads to angry confrontations. Just don't do it.

    3.) Do not control another person's character. I'm sure he/she is completely capable of rping his/her own character. Don't do it.

    4.) Do not spam the rp.

    5.) The creator of an rp has the right to kick you out for violation of any of these rules.

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