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    Fall of Kannon

    Shikyo Kishi
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    Fall of Kannon

    Post  Shikyo Kishi on Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:12 pm

    Shikyo and his weakened army of Death Knights retreat to the farthest part of the galaxy with his small group of battleships,and carriers try to flee from Kannons grasp. Shikyo was no fool,Kannon could not be stopped here,here he is to powerful and cannot be defeated. But Shikyo wanted to also save as many living lives as he can. So Shikyo with the limited powers,opens a portal to a new galaxy,one where more trouble awaits him,but Shikyo will fight for his life,and those of the living,and eventually get even with Kannon. But a death god,will break off from his other brothers and start a war of his own,where he will claim all for himself,and his name is Hades. This is no longer the time of the living.It is the time of the Undead and Chaos,The time of the Forgotten Death. Who will control all,and who will fall?

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