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    My Kingdom Hearts Fanfic; PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT !!!

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    My Kingdom Hearts Fanfic; PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT !!! Empty My Kingdom Hearts Fanfic; PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT !!!

    Post  Serenity Mustang on Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:54 pm

    A Repressed Heart Leads to a Broken One…Where’s Her Happy Ending ?

    I flopped back onto the fluffy yet lumpy mattress I made of sand and feathers, wrapped in a silk substitute I made. I was home; WE were home. Not Twilight Town, but our beloved Destiny Islands. I sighed after about five minutes of us being silent, rejoicing quietly.
    “Well, it was fun while it lasted…,” I said, bored already of things being normal again. You turned over to look at me with those big grey-ice eyes.
    “What was ?” you asked.
    “Our journey, ya’know, disposing of Nobodies, wasting some Heartless, using keyblades and magic. Sure we still have our abilities and stuff, but when are we gonna be able to use them ? Our glory days and having fun and traveling…they’re all…gone.” I finally finished, putting some extra lament into my last phrase.

    It was true, everything was normal again. We made it back to the islands, Donald and Goofy left with King Mickey, promising they’d come back for a visit. Riku, Sora, and Kairi were all together again, carrying on as if nothing had happened. Riku was still same ‘ole Riku, Sora had matured a lot since we first began our journey two years ago. Kairi’s grown up some, still the same girl she’s been. But I found it strange, that in a split moment, my thoughts wandered to Roxas. No wonder I had felt drawn to him, he was half of what Sora was. I shook at off as you spoke again.
    “Maybe so, but be positive. Don’t be sad that they’re over, be happy that they happened,” you smiled. I could only return your optimistic grin.
    “Yeah, I’m SO happy that we’re back on the same spit of land that started them,” I said, then frowned. “So,” I began, “any luck on Riku, and telling him how you feel ? Because, I kind of already told Sora, and well, Sora doesn’t have the ‘tightest’ lips around,” I was laughing on the inside when your eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. You jumped up and ran out the curtain for a door that we had in our home that was carved into a large tree.
    “Wait Ray, I was only--….aw, never mind,” I smiled and laid back down. About ten minutes later, I’m guessing, since I dozed off a few times, I heard a knock on the little wooden door knock I installed on the side of our outside wood wall. “Come in,” I responded to the noise, not even caring on who it might be.
    “Hey Rayne,” I heard Sora stepping in, “any particular reason Riku and Rachel are walking along the shore…holding hands ?” He finished.
    I laughed out loud this time as I didn’t move from my comfortable laying position. “She actually went and told him ? Aw, man, go Rachel, hahahah,” I mused. I felt his presence leave just as you came back in.
    “You suck, Rayne ! I can’t BELIEVE you did that !” you hissed through gritted teeth.
    “Well, it worked, didn’t it ?” I asked, feeling confident that you would see my point. You sighed, defeated. You lay back down with me on the bed. A few moments elapsed before you spoke again.
    “So…what about you ?” you said.
    “Huh ?” I uttered.
    “You. YOUR happy ending ?” you questioned me.
    “What do you mean?” I was at a total loss of understanding what you meant.
    “Well,” you trailed, “me and Riku are finally ‘together’, and well…Sora and Kairi…” your voice decrescendo as you saw the slight hurt in my expression, “…sorry.”

    “It’s fine,” I merely said before rolling over, my back facing you. You were right; I had yet to end up happy. Never have, never will I guess. “I just suppose I’m not meant to have one,” I said bluntly, no emotion.
    “Rayne…” you said softly before getting up and leaving. I was about to doze off again, listening to the sweet sound of the waves, lapping the shore line, carrying away the tiny seashells that drifted wherever the ocean took them. I wished I was one of those delicate little shells, only to get swept away. Far, far away from this lamented island. Never to be found again. But my blissfully negative thoughts were pulled away from me, yet again, by a footstep coming through my doorway.
    “I have that little knocker put there for a reason, Riku,” I said, not opening my eyes. I could sniff him out any day. That salty smell mixed with worn leather from his shoes. I’ve always kind of felt comfort with it around.
    “Rachel said you were upset, tell me, what’s wrong paopu girl ?” he pressed, adding a bit of humor by putting in his nickname for me.
    “Nothing, Riku,” I huffed. Like I was going to tell my older brother that I was in love with his best friend, a snowman had a better chance surviving in Hell.
    “…..Rachel told me what was up. So don’t lie to me,” he said softly.
    “Then why did you ask me ‘what’s wrong’ ?” I muttered, annoyed.
    “To test if you’d tell me the truth. Rayne, I’m not going to lie, I knew you had feelings for Sora ever since you saw that goofy grin of his. It must be difficult for you, loving someone who you don’t think would love you in return if you confessed. So, since you won’t tell him, I guess I’ll have to,” he said, walking out.
    “Riku no !! Please ! Don’t tell him…please…” I was nearly at the verge of crying.
    “Well then, why don’t YOU tell him,” he said, with a look on his face I couldn’t read.
    “I….just can’t Riku,” I sobbed.
    “And why not, Rayne ? You’re beautiful, talented with a pencil, a fighter with a kind heart, and you have very unique, bright eyes. Just like Rachel,” he smiled.
    “Just that…him and Kairi…Riku I just can’t ! I can’t take him from Kairi ! It’s…it’s just not right. It’s not something someone with a good heart can live down…” I finished, and allowed my head to droop down; feeling defeated and ashamed that I’ve disappointed my older brother. He nodded and hugged me before leaving. As he was about to step out, he mumbled something, something I could never forget: “Maybe so Rayne, but why fail yourself if there’s still a chance ?”

    I watched him leave and hugged my paopu shaped pillow. I allowed my eyes to fill and overflow with the tears I’ve held back for two, event-filled years. He was right. Why was I so afraid ? Was it because I was afraid of rejection ? Or maybe something else that I couldn’t quite grasp, but no matter the case, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. But strange enough, when he left, I heard two pairs of feet going down the stairs. Or maybe one going up and Riku going down ? I decided that I think too much and laid down. You walked in and did the same.

    There was a long, drawn out silence.

    “…Ray…you know I love you right ? And that no matter where I go, I’ll always be with you, right ?” I said, staring up at you with my hazel eyes. You gave me a strange look, and then shook it off.
    “Of course, Rayne. You know I do,” you said back, not thinking about what the real reason for me saying that could mean.

    Later that night, I snuck out, while you were asleep, along with Kairi, Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, and more importantly, Sora and Riku. I snuck by Riku’s little shack as quietly as my tiny feet and long legs would allow me. I nearly had I heart attack when I heard the loose boards creak, but crept on to my destination. I found the completed raft from two years ago, still ready to sail.
    “Hey there, Highwind. You’re my ticket out of here, bud. So don’t fail me now,” I said before going to get all the fruit I could carry with me along with a large pitcher for water. I got my provisions and loaded the raft halfway and checked it for possible leakage and damages.
    “What would Sora think if he saw you running away, Rayne ?” I heard a low voice say. I shuddered and turned around, my head facing down.
    “Hey Riku, what are you doing out here ?” I asked calmly.
    “I was sitting on our tree when I saw you sneaking out, so I stayed low and followed you, thinking you were up to something. I hate it when I’m right,” he said, as he shook his head disapprovingly,” Rayne, running away from your problems doesn’t fix them, it only makes them worse,” he finished.
    “I swear, Riku. You sound just like my father,” I huffed.
    “Because I’m looking out for you, look, I know I can’t say anything to make you stay, but please, think about me, and Rachel,” he started to turn away,” and think about what this would do to Sora,” Riku said, as he walked off.

    I froze. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t think. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t speak. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t move. I just stood there. As I felt the first ray of sun hit my face, I knew it was dawn. Everyone would be up soon, so I had to go. It was now, or never.

    “Rayne ?” I heard a feminine voice. Oh god, please don’t let it be Kairi, I thought to myself. I turned and it was you. Still not a good answer.
    “….you’re leaving us, aren’t you ?” you spoke softly. I couldn’t look at you; I just turned around and resumed loading the raft.
    “Riku told me, Rayne, you can’t leave, please,” you begged.
    “Rachel, my mind’s made up, I can’t stay here, I just don’t feel like I belong,” I said bluntly.

    “Hey, what’s going on here ?” I heard a smooth, calm voice. It was Sora…
    “Oh thank god, Sora ! Please, say something to her. Make her stay, here, I’ll go get Riku and everyone, then they’ll help,” you said and dashed to find your boyfriend and our friends.
    “Rayne, is this true ? Are you leaving Destiny Islands ?” he sounded confused. My throat constricted.
    “Yes, Sora, I’m leaving,” I had my back facing him then I turned to look at him, then felt a sharp pain in my heart when I saw the heart break in his baby blues.
    “But Rayne…why ? Why are you doing this ?” he sounded hurt and broken as his voice cracked. My heart shattered. I was hurting him, but I had to.
    “You ask a lot of questions, Sora. But I guess you deserve to know,” I said in a fake, normal tone. I was about to lie to this poor boy, and I was in a heart-breaking pain,” I feel that I need to go out, and explore on my own. I’m just not ready to give up on my life long battle. My parents didn’t need to die, I guess I’m doing this for them,” I said and watched, watched as my words went deep into his heart and his sorrow quickly turned into confused rage and misplaced anger as I turned around to keep loading and arranging.

    “You’re leaving us for that ? No, you’re NOT leaving. Rachel, Riku, Kairi, and me, WE’RE your family. But you’re acting so grown up, thinking that you can take on the world by yourself when you’re just a teenager yourself. Rayne, we have our limits and bad things could happen if we try to take on more than we could handle. You could DIE out there ! But no, you have to go and wreak unnecessary havoc on everything and everyone that had to do with your parents deaths. Rayne, you’re NOT a grown-up, so quit trying to act like you can do everything. Well, you know what I think ? I bet you haven’t even had your first kiss and you think you’ve done it all !” he finished, breathing hard and red-faced from the yelling and constant talking.

    I slowly turned around as a light ocean spray breeze caught my hair and a ray of the dawning sun caught a glint in my eye and caused the one tear streaming down my cheek to shimmer brilliantly.

    “Because I was saving it for you…”

    Neither of us could move, my confession stunned us both. When he didn’t say anything or move at all, I couldn’t bear to look at his awe-struck face. I turned around to push the raft into the calm, glittering sea. I had the raft in the water and was about to jump on when I felt someone grab my arm and pull me off. I saw the last glimpse of Highwind getting pulled away with the tide when Sora turned me to face him. He was crying. I only had a moment’s thought before he pushed his lips to mine. I was unbelievably shocked. I returned the kiss with equal passion, closed my eyes, and relaxed myself into his arms, which one still remained on my forearm and the other slid itself around my waist. The kiss wasn’t the neatest, but for a first kiss, the boy knew what he was doing. When he started to pull away, I snaked my arms around his neck, wanting him to kiss me again. He realized my wish and did so, but this time, it was so soft and warm, like a comfortable, warm breeze with the golden sun shining down. The dawn breeze cooled our reddened faces. My thoughts drifted away along with the raft. He lightly traced my bottom lip with his tongue, asking for entrance. I was relatively surprised. Here was Sora, the most innocent guy I know, asking for a wet kiss. I hesitated a bit. He noticed my indecisiveness and slid his hands down my curves. I gasped, and he took this opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth and start familiarizing himself with it. He explored as I tried to pin his tongue. His lips and tongue tasted so sweet, the taste reminded of my two favorite fruits mixed: coconut and the rare paopu fruit. We finally pulled away for air, not realizing our faces went near blue from the elongated period of time. I was left breathless. He looked into my eyes, and I back at his, the slowly dawning sun shining in his eyes.

    “So, you were telling the truth….” He murmured softly.

    “Huh ?” I could only manage to speak.
    “I was kinda eavesdropping when you and Riku spoke last night, Rayne, why didn’t you tell me that you had feelings for me ? I understand that you were unsure if I had feelings for Kairi or not, but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t tell me. So, now that you’ve gotten what you’ve wanted for so long,” he said as he pulled me close,” will you stay ?”

    I could only stare at him; I didn’t know what to tell him….

    (Riku’s point of view)

    I ran with you and all our friends to go stop Rayne from leaving. We got to where the raft was, only there was one problem; the raft WASN’T there. It was just Sora, standing there. I ran up to him along with everyone. I turned him around to face us. Sora was crying.

    “No…” I murmured.
    “No….noooooooo !!! Rayne !!” you wailed, as you feel to your knees. I kneeled down to comfort you. Sora wiped his big eyes and gave us a weird look.
    “Why are all of you crying ?” he asked, dumbfounded.
    “Why…WHY !? Rayne is GONE ! G-O-N-E- !! And you didn’t STOP her !!??” you snapped at him.
    “Rayne’s not gone,” he said bluntly.
    “Wait, what ?” I asked.
    “Yeah, she’s getting something, she’ll be right back,” he smiled.
    “Sora,” Kairi started,” Riku told us everything, she loves you. And it’s because that she thought that we had feelings for each other. I don’t want her to leave because of us, we’re just friends,” she finished.
    “Oh, I know. She told me,” he sounded….happy ? I didn’t know what on earth was going on, but as soon as I saw Rayne come running back with a certain something in her hands, I knew what was up….

    (Rayne’s point of view)

    I ran past the cluster of trees searching for my secret box I buried. I found the tree with a star on it and looked down below it. There was a medium stone on the ground by it. I moved the stone and pulled out the mini treasure chest and opened it. There it was; my precious paopu fruit that I had saved went they went out of season. It didn’t go bad, surprisingly. I closed the box and ran back to Sora with the paopu in my hand. Everyone was there and I froze. I shook my head and continued running. I got to him and everyone but me and Sora was blushing and jaw dropped. Selphie awed before anyone else even thought of it. Even Kairi was doing the clapping and whistling. Riku was his usual self.

    “Awww, look ! They’re gonna share a paopu fruit !” Selphie awed.
    “Atta girl, Rayne. Go get ‘em !” Rachel cheered.
    “Alright ! Get some, Sora !” Riku whistled.
    “Ewwwww, gross !” Tidus joked.
    “They do actually look cute together,” Kairi giggled.
    “Good luck, you two. Hope it lasts,” Wakka congratulated.

    Things were the same for awhile, me and Sora were inseparable again, and everyone was finally, fully happy. Everything seemed right in the world…

    One day thereafter, we got a letter…..a letter from King Mickey. The Keyblade Masters were back in business….

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